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4 Ways to Prepare Yourself for an Online Course

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

by: Jennifer Miesse, Student

Online courses today make learning easier and more effective than ever. Putting in a little bit of prep work will ensure that your class runs as smoothly as possible and your time will be more productive. Rather than buying fresh school supplies and a new outfit like you did in elementary school to these simple steps will help you prepare for your first day of class to start you off on the right foot.
1. Familiarise yourself with technology
Log into your online classroom and have a look around. Click every link and try out all of the message boards; fiddle with anything that’s new to you. Bookmarks important links and spend about twenty minutes getting acclimated to the workflow of your virtual space. If your online class will be utilising or teaching you new software, such as QuickBooks for a Bookkeeping course , make sure it is installed properly on your computer and runs without any hiccups.
2. Have a backup plan
Compile any and all contact information you may need if you have a question or issue while taking your course. A simple sheet with your professor’s email, links to technical support for your college or educational institution, and your internet service provider’s phone number makes a handy back up plan when you have a quick question or issue with anything.
3. Find a good workspace
Keep in mind that your workspace will be your classroom. Make sure to pick a quiet place with plenty of room to spread out your homework, so that you can work easily without distractions. Online classes are self-paced, which means that you can study at your leisure and in your pyjamas, but you also want a place to go where you can accomplish all that you need to.
4. Get reading material
Whether online or in print, having extra reference materials can make your learning experience easier and more in-depth. A good idea is to pick up any reading material suggested by your online professor, as well as any books pertaining to the subject of your study. For example, when taking medical coding online classes you would want a coding book to refer to while working on online tests or homework. As any student can tell you textbooks and reference materials can get very pricey, but not all of your study tools have to be expensive. TextbookMedia is a site where you can download e-books or even receive free textbooks by offsetting the cost with having advertising sections in them. Other great options include or Half Price Books. Even a quick web search might turn up relevant Internet sites as invaluable as any book, and free to boot.
So, by simply putting in a little bit of prep work before starting your online class you can ensure that your learning process will go quicker and more smoothly.