Benefits of Employer Paid Training

With so many businesses being forced to face the possibility of closing, it is not surprising that a lot of companies will review their benefits packages in hopes to find a way to save money and keep the business afloat. Unfortunately, many companies are being put into a position of deciding which benefits should be kept, which ones should be decreased, and which ones should be cut all together. While it may certainly be wise for a business to make some money saving adjustments, one benefit that should not be reduced is employer paid training. With the ease and accessibility of elearning courses from Gatlin International, employer paid training may be more cost effective than you may think.

Employer paid training is basically any type of education an employee can participate in that is funded by the company he or she works for. The employer may to choose to pay for this training in full, or the employer may choose to pay for a percentage of the training costs. The type of education can be anything from traditional undergraduate or graduate coursework completed at a college or university to elearning coursework completed online. The employer may specify certain courses or educational programs they are willing to support, or the choice could be left up to the employee. Essentially, the employer has the ability to customize the employer paid training benefit as they see fit to most greatly benefit the company.

There are several advantages to employer paid training for both the employer and the employee. For the employer, employer paid training can help a company attract and retain valuable and talented employees. Most employees will feel morally obligated to remain with a company that has paid for all or a portion of their education. Also, employers can contractually require employees to remain with a company for a specified amount of time in exchange for receiving paid training. This reduction in turnover is a great benefit to a company’s long-term expenses. Another advantage to employers who offer this benefit is an increase in employee motivation, productivity, and job satisfaction. When a company invests in its employee’s education, not only are the employees better able to perform their jobs at higher productivity levels, but the employees also feel valued by their employer and are more likely to be personally invested in being the best employee they can be for a company. Additionally, most employees see employer paid training as a valuable benefit because they the education they receive is an asset they will be able to keep forever.

Companies that are considering including employer paid training in their benefit package should take advantage of the many elearning courses available today. Gatlin International offers an extensive array of elearning courses sure to suit the needs of almost any business sector. And the courses offered by Gatlin International offer the ultimate convenience as employees may enroll in courses at any time and study whenever they wish. Completing career training through distance learning is a perfect way for employers to maximize their training dollars without compromising the quality of the training.

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